SMJK Heng Ee (恒 毅 中 学) is a secondry school located in George Town, Pulau Penang. The campus comprises an area of 6.5 hectares and consists of 6 blocks with a field.

Block A was the first and the oldest building to be built. Completed in 1967, the four-storey building comprises 17 classrooms and offices for senior assistants.

Block B was built in 1969, houses the Principal’s office, a prayer room, 2 computer rooms, 4 science laboratories, a Biology laboratory, a Chemistry laboratory, a Physics laboratory and an arts room.

Block C was the adjoining block that connect Block A to Block B where the school library, co-operative outlet, counseling room, SPBT room, media room as well as where the school administration computer room is located. Three classrooms were located on Level 4. On September 2011 the school library is relocated to Level 2

Block F Bangunan Wawasan meanwhile the vacant library now served as the storeroom. The school hasn’t announce any plans to develop the vacant library for the time being.Block D was completed in 1975. The first floor of Block D was formerly the school canteen and was currently used as the staffroom and the meeting room. Opposite the staffroom was the air-conditioned lecture hall. Above the staffroom was the school hall (光前堂). Lecture Hall 2 was situated on the second hall opposite the balcony of the school hall.

Block E was completed in 1987. The ground floor consists of a carpentry room, a cooking room, a sewing room, an electronic room, the prefects room and a gymnasium. The air-conditioned Music Room I was located on the second floor. In 1999, the school topped up another floor on Block E which includes an additional 7 classrooms and another air-conditioned Music Room II in order to accommodate the increasing number of students.

The Bangunan Wawasan (Chinese: 宏願樓) was built in 2011. The eight-storey Bangunan Wawasan comprises a lobby at Level 1, a fully air-conditioned modern library at Level 2, two multi-purpose halls at Level 3, three lecture theatres at Level 4, a rooftop loft and an astronomical observatory at the rooftop. The new building is equipped with two elevators to transport students throughout the building. Bangunan Wawasan is also equipped with the necessary infrastructure and ICT facilities to provide the students with a positive and supportive environment that is conducive for academic and social growth.

The sports infrastructures in this school include two basketball courts and two volleyball courts located opposite the school, a gymnasium on Level 1 of Block E, two badminton court in the school hall, a football field and a 6 lane 100m running track. The original location of the school canteen was at Level 1 of Block C which was the current staffroom. Years later, it was moved to a bigger site beside Block E. Due to the school’s expansion plan for the 8-storey Bangunan Wawasan, the canteen was demolished and moved to a temporary site behind Block B while waiting for the completion of Bangunan Wawasan. At first the school planned to rebuild the canteen at Level 1 of Bangunan Wawasan.  As the amount of students increased gradually over the years, the school decided to make it permanent instead of shifting back to its original site. At the same time, three ventilating machines were installed.

Bangunan Wawasan





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